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When you're looking for an accountant, we understand that you want to engage with someone who understands the workings of an increasingly complex tax system. However, you also want someone who is going to make that knowledge make sense to you or your business.

This is what we do at Joseph Mukkada, CPA. We will:

  • have up to date tax knowledge that impact your specific business environment;
  • prepare the tax returns on time; and
  • work with you to improve the management of your tax and accounting obligations.
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Business Taxes

Fulfilling your businesses' taxes needs is something that you have to do and have to do correctly. And, you have to do it within the deadlines.

Managing your tax and accounting needs is not just about form filling for the Government. It's about understanding how you operate, how you need to be operating, and the most efficient and practical way of fulfilling your obligations.

We know where problems can occur and where possible, identify those problem areas for you (and help you with the solutions). We understand that you are busy and need your tax and compliance managed efficiently and effectively.

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Individual Taxes

Who said income tax was easy? If you're a landlord, business owner, or shareholder, your personal income tax needs are usually never that simple.

It's important to work with advisors who can help you identify the tax impact of the decisions you make and how you can achieve the best possible outcome.

We place a particular emphasis on achieving results for business owners and complex investors who need to manage tax outcomes across multiple layers and entities

File your tax return confidently anywhere from Canada with a professional assistance.

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Next steps

  1. Get set up: fill our personal tax check list and email us to provide a unique user name and password
  2. Upload: Upload all tax slips and other documents in the secured folder
  3. Reviewed & filed: We will walk you through your completed return, answers your questions, and files it for you.

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